Very cool that you found my website. Welcome to the AMS8 Blog, brought to you from The Netherlands.

Have fun and enjoy. I describe what we are doing and what is going on in the Computer, Evaluation, Virtualisation, Networking and Automation Lab.

If you are running a lab as well or planning a lab, take a look at my lab tips. This is the lab setup I use all the time. Also using the Public Cloud? Check out my public Cloud Page.


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Favorite Product Brands

Controlling Remote Access to VMware View using AD - Steg


We are evaluating and running VMware vSphere en ESXi at the moment currently in the Lab.

Public website: https://www.vmware.com

Linux Dedicated Server Hosting | Kualo

Red Hat

Bought in 2018 by IBM, they have many cool open source products that we will test out in the Lab.

Public website: https://www.redhat.com

Download Microsoft Free PNG photo images and clipart ...


No new kid on the block and definitely one of the winners of the modern time. With awesome products we will be showing and testing in the lab as well.

Public website: https://www.microsoft.com