DOCKER Odoo Synology

Installing Odoo13 on a Synology (using Docker)

In this blog I will show you how to install Odoo version 13 on your Synology NAS. Once you have done that, you can implement a cool backend theme for Odoo 13. There is now also a newer version of this post for installing Odoo 14 on your Synology NAS. Docker is amazing. Odoo is […]

Ansible VMWARE

Set Linux Hostname the same as VM name with Ansible

While deploying new VM’s is easy with Ansible, I kept on struggling with setting the hostname. There is Ansible documentation to use vmware_vm_shell module to set the hostname. The following is stated on their help page. Whatever I tried, I could not manage to get it working. It dit not error but just didn’t work. […]


Adding Dynamic EC2 Inventory to Ansible

Working with Ansible is cool. To be able to work quickly with Ansible on AWS it can be handy to use a dynamic inventory. This has some real benefits: You don’t need to edit the inventory by hand No more typo’s or ip mismatches Automated is always better 😉 To do this you create an […]