Adding ESXi 6.7 node to vCenter

In recent blog we installed the vCenter Server with the vSphere Client.

Default vSphere client after a fresh install

Before we can add our ESXi hosts, we need to add a new Datacenter first. Click on the vCenter server and then add New Datacenter.

Add new Datacenter

You specify the name you want. However in the isolated lab environment it’s not really important.

Give your new datacenter a name

That feels good right, your own datacenter. Now let’s add a host, an ESXi server to the datacenter

Adding a host to vCenter

Follow the wizard and fill in the requested data, see you after the wizard.

Hostname or IP address
The root password of the ESXi host
Trust the new fingerprint
Summary overview
Add a license if you have one
Disable it so you can still access the ESXi web interface
Select the newly created datacenter
Review all settings

And there you go. The first server is part of the datacenter. Very good.

Overview with one ESXi host added.

Hope you enjoyed the article.


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