Autostart Virtual Machines in ESXi 6.7

Enable autostart for a VM

Although the autostart option is available within ESXi by default. This will not result in the VM being started after a reboot of the ESXi host. So if you want to enable autostart on the VM, keep on reading.

Lets get started!

First, let’s enable it for the specific VM. Go to the Actions -> Autostart option and click Enable

Before the VM can autostart we have to enable this in the ESXi host setting. We do this by clicking on Host -> Manage -> System -> Autostart -> Edit.

Enable autostart for the ESXi host

If you now reboot the ESXi server, the enabled VM’s will boot with the system. Below a screenshot of my setup where the vCenter server will now start automatically on a reboot of this server.

vCenter will start automatically on boot

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