Install Ansible in Code Server

When developing I love code-server, the docker, web based implementation of visual studio code.

Although I can use Visual Studio Code on the desktop, one of the benefits for me is, that using code in the browser forces me to do everything in code, there is no backdoor to run Ansible code in the LAB but through GIT.

Working in code flow.

You need to put it in the GIT and AWX will get it from the GIT and implement it in the LAB.

Add the following line to /etc/apt/sources.list:

deb trusty main 

then run

sudo apt-get install ansible

And voila. You can now run Ansible from a terminal window. This is not my use case though.

I use it so I can (de)encrypt files that contain secrets… yeah.. don’t tell anyone ;-).

Now you know.

See you later.


PS. Want to install aws cli on code-server. then install the awscli, just follow this:

sudo apt update
sudo apt install awscli

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