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Installing Odoo 13 Backend Theme on a Synology (using Docker)

If you followed the post on installing Odoo 13 you are now ready to add a theme to the Odoo installation. In this post I will guide you through the settings you need to take to implement this.

Oke, let’s get started guys.

Step 1. Download or buy a theme

Goto your Odoo installation and click on Apps. Here you have a menu option called Theme store.

Goto the theme store

We are now forwarded to the Odoo website where we can download or buy a theme. For this blog post I’m using the MuK Backend Theme. It a cool theme from a company called MuK IT from Austria.

MuK Backend Theme

Next download it and unpack it somewhere. We are going to copy it to the NAS in a minute.

In my example I have one shared folder called docker. In this folder I will create a new directory called odoo-addons. Put the theme files here so it will look like below.

Situation after you copied the files

Step 2. Adding the addons folder to the docker container

First, stop the docker container. You can do this by pressing the switch or use the menu Action -> Stop.

Stop the application server

Next press the Edit button is now available. This will allow you to change settings for the container. Go to the tab Volume. Here we can select our odoo-addons directory, and we are going to map this to the /mnt/extra-addons in the container.

Adding a folder to the docker container

In a similar way you can bring your database files outside the container which could be handy when you want to have a backup of your database.

Startup the container again so both odoo-postgres and odoo-app are running again.

Step 3. Install Theme

Go to the apps module and remove Apps from the search box and write theme there and press enter. Voila, there you see the MuK Backend Theme addon as the first result.

Searh for the theme module

Press install to ….. install it …. ;-). Exactly. Once done you see the different layout. Cool right?

The new layout from the App section

If you now press the menu in the top left part, you will get an overview of all installed apps. In this case, it’s a clean install so there is nothing there except Apps and Settings.

Overview of all apps

Thanks for reading. I hope it was all clear for you. If you enjoyed it, followed it, implemented it, let me know in the comments.



By Stuart Eight

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4 replies on “Installing Odoo 13 Backend Theme on a Synology (using Docker)”

Hi Stuart,

I have for followed your other installed odoo, and running fine. Thank You! I just wonder if I want to add another odoo app, how and where should mount the folder?

Hi Stuart, i made it running to get odoo 14 on docker.
now i also wanted to install the MUK theme on the docker image. but its petty that you just have the 13 tutorial. it will be great if you can make a 14 tutorial to install themes or apps.

Ok so managed to download from the site now, however even though I have the addons volume mapped, the odoo client can’t see any of the newly downloaded themes. Have you come across this, and if so are there any fixes you can think of?

Thank you!

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