Patch ESXi 6.7 on the command line

Within vSphere I see that the ESXi hosts are not up to date:

Image of esxi host that wants a patch
ESXi host is not green and needs a patch

There are two ways to this. Through the vCenter client or with the command line. In this article I will show you how it is done with the command line.

Goto the VMware patch website and download the latest patch, or the specific one you need.

Example screen to download latest ESXi patch

In the lab we have a share that is available everywhere. We call it the ‘Lab Storage’ share. Place the zip file on this share and open the SSH session (I use the web console) to your ESXi host, after login, use the following command to install the patch:

esxcli software vib install -d /vmfs/volumes/LabStorage/


This will take a minute and the software has been patched and the system will start the reboot. You can check your screen before the reboot ;-).

After that goto the security health option in the server Monitor tab and press retest. It should now be green.

All green overview after being patched

Although there still is this small red exclamation mark…

Some error with the ESXi server

Once I have found what it is I will post it here.



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