Lab Setup

The lab does change from now to now.

  • Network
    • Ubiquiti EdgeRouter10x
    • TP-Link, TL-SG108e
  • Compute
    • 2x Intel NUC8i5
      • 32GB RAM
      • 500GB Internal M2 harddisk (Samsung 970 EVO Plus)
  • Storage
    • Synology NAS 710+ & 718+
Intel nub8i5beh
Synology 718+

Edgerouter 10x
  • Virtual Private Server
    • VPS from ssdnodes*
      • 8vCPU
      • 32GB of RAM
      • 480GB Harddisk
      • 90 Euros per year. They have a pretty oke server for just 60 euro’s per year. For me this was a no brainer because I used to spend this on AWS easily for the lab in the cloud. They include a daily backup as well.

* This is a referral link. If you choose to apply for a server there I receive a credit for that.